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Thanks, Rolo! Definitely an investment worth making. I like what I've read of "Not a Prison..." You could use an editor but that's my sole complaint so far.

The metaphysics book has me excited. I'm working my way through the "Apostolikon." Its interesting to consider Jesus without the OT. We all need to free ourselves from the deception forced upon us in the West. Why is it that spirituality is so discouraged amongst the various fields of science? The Divine is suppressed in favor of equating all Men as animals with Intellect, a mere accident of Nature. We are so much more.

Any hints on the Sci-fi series? I really like Empire Rising/Falling stories. It often plays into the narratives of Elites making the right or wrong decisions and worlds suffering the consequences.

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Thank you for your advice. I've known for quite some time that I need to get into crypto but I have managed without it so far. I'll look into the alternatives you mentioned and see what I can do. It pisses me off that I can't send you a donation through normal channels. Brave new world, 1984 etc :-(

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I created a Binance account, but when I tried to add funds I got something along the lines of "Your bank does not approve". (I live in a freedom-loving tightly controlled western very fucking liberal democracy). Is there any other way I can support your work. Subscription?

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I'd like to support your work, but I'm a noob regarding Crypto. Some advice on which Crypto Exchange to use would be very much appreciated.

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I sent $25. Hope it went through.

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I have some non KYC coins for you, but it would be nice if you put MONERO address too.

Also some basics about wallets and so on is necessery for nocoiners normies. I suggest link from Daily Stormer. I believe AA wouldn' t mine.

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Hi Rolo. I want to read your book but don't want to subscribe. Can send a donation $10 instead. Deal? I am not a Slav but a Celt (Irish). Wishing you the Best.

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Rolo . Serious question. I am not knocking Crypto. I am one of these Westerners who have never seen what I could do with crypto.. Surely it fails as soon as ihe Internet /;ower grids are collpased.? You say that people senf crypto to their illiterate familes. How do these families, or any family buy food, fuel or shelter with crypto. ? Where is crypto used as a trading currency?. Don't get me wrong I hate Fiat currency for the reasons you give; that we are owned by Jewish Oligarchs

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I’m glad to be a subscriber again.

I greatly appreciate the courage of your convictions. Telling this particular truth doesn’t make you very popular I suspect.

Keep up the great work.

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A bit confused, I subscribed, but am still being told I can't read this or that unless I subscribe

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This has been a long time coming; my apologies, Rolo, you've created a compelling work. I would not consider this a book; it is a treatise. A strong argument is made to support an Autarch as the superior civilization. Rolo breaks down Liberal Democracy and the shadow structure of Oligarchs that form the factions. Oligarchy pits the citizenry against one another to maintain their overall power. I would summarize it as "heads we win, tails you lose."

From this dissection of Oligarchy's current skin suit, a contrast is drawn with an autocratic government. Citations are made in history. The Roman Empire is notable in that much of it's greatest accomplishments came under the hand of an involved Emperor. The singular ruler has a vested interest in ensuring the peasantry is well taken care of. Autocracy maintains power by encouraging the citizenry at the expense of the wealthy.

There are some shortcomings in the book but they are somewhat minor. Formatting in the epub is an issue with sentences literally cutting off mid-sentence. A vision going forward is somewhat lacking. The problem is extremely well-defined but a solution is lacking. Nationalists in every nation will not only need to overcome fake and gay elections but have an attractive platform to override decades of conditioning. It will be an uphill battle.

Personally I read this book at the right time. It gets hard to stay positive especially when it seems like the world is intent on going insane. This book gave me some hope. Having Leviathan explained in terms from a somewhat outsider provided clarity on what is needed. Americans need to realize that the Rubicon has been crossed. The old social contract has been nullified just as the conspirators killing Caesar did the same. Autocracy and a strong leader are the only way to fix what ails the US. Voting just plays into the oligarchic game. Four and half stars out of five.

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I read the book and I'm still a Liberal. That is, I don't buy the idea that I need some sort of Monarchy or Tyrant to rule over the rabble and the chaos, hoping somehow to be left alone.

I agree that the USG has been largely taken over by multinational oligarchs. I enthusiastically agree that these oligarchs are the biggest threat to peace, freedom and prosperity worldwide. Putin seems to be caught within their tentacles nearly as much as "Brandon" and the rest of the swamp.

But: I still subscribe to the Liberal mantra that strong labor unions, high and enforced corporate income taxes, inheritance taxes, antitrust laws, and a free press are the best answer to the problem of oligarchs. Strong national governments and a well-educated population are another bulwark.

The last thing I want is to replace all the diverse oligarchs with a single ultra-authoritarian global Monarch.

I believe in free speech. I think that the best answer to "fake news" is to tell the truth, support truth-tellers, and hope for the best.

I'm an American but I'm opposed to our Imperialist government and the hundreds of overseas bases and wars and other entanglements. I don't want to see America and its NATO and Ukrainian proxies defeated, but I can see that's what is going to happen unless some sort of sanity is restored.

And I certainly don't want the USG to be throwing me in jail or freezing my funds because I take advantage of my First Amendment rights to tell the truth, and to support truth-tellers.

Considering what you have to say about national loyalties, I'm not sure whether I can accept the title of "Honorary Slav". But thanks for the offer! How about a "Friend of Slavs"?

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Better than using PayPal! Not sure what to make of all this but I’m looking forward to hearing your solutions and the next book.

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The problem with people calling for the overthrow of Putin is you’re doing the work of Russia’s enemies for them. What do you think will happen afterwards? Either the a civil war and the break up of Russia or nuclear holocaust. Idiot.

I enjoy some of your writings but you are one of them.

So no. I will not be supporting your book.

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