Excellent podcast Rolo. I believe that so called "conservatives" and "libertarians" are just as corrosive and a detriment to the folk as cultural Marxists. Listen to their main battle cry "lower my taxes" its all self centered. There's no community spirit no cultural, ethnic or racial solidarity. This is why so many on "the right" happiily work for and support the machinations of the Yid agenda. They have no loyalty just want that largess flowing from the modern day shtels of media, Hollywood, big pharma, Federal Reserve , AIPAC and ADL AKA the Kosher CHEKA. Examples of such national and cultural sell outs, Nikki Halley, Ron De Santis, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter (she'll never mention the hallowed "J" word), that fat bastard Limbaugh gone and not missed and the Christian Zionist "clerics". Eeven Trump he had no issues with his daughter marrying into the sleaze ridden greasy Kushner family his sons married into the tribe too. They want that fat Yid paycheck.

In drafting the nation's founding documents the founding fathers set up the nation as a system to protect wealth seizure by the state and a state in which a small oligarchy controlled decision making. The difference was the system allowed other to join the oligarchy. All that was needed was money and a prol Anglo Saxon outlook. Until the early 20th century when the Jews began to infiltrate thr elites and between 1945-1965 took it over supplanting the WASP elites that gave iittle or no push back. They partnered WASP and Jewish money. The founding fathers never imagined such a catastrophe as this. Nor could they have imagined a 21st Century Weimar USA would ever exist. Though Adam's and Jefferson both feared a decent into either mob rule, or oligarchic tyranny. From the beginning it was and remained a republic of money. That's what "conservatives" and "libertarians " really long for and they cover their avarice and greed with a facade of so called "traditional values" that most behind closed doors do not have.

I'm a European born naturalized American Eurocentric nationalist. I see only a nationalist people's authoritarian movement as the only way to save the west from collapse. Lowering taxes, sending billions to enemy states, and sucking up to lobbyists and mentally ill deviates won't do it, just hasten the fragmentation and destruction of the culture and folk.

We need a Freikorps to clean national, political and cultural house and a people's socialism not a liberal Marxist WOKE swindle. An ethnic socialism where the motto is "one for all and all for one" not "all for me and fuck you" which is and has been the motto in the USA and the west for far too long. Keep up the good work.

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Great exchange on morality w/regard to shared identity. Worth a second listen.

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The Grubby ruling elites who plant "hopium" faux populists into the outraged political zeitgeist would like you to believe populism devolves into authoritarianism, just like they want the proles to believe that in order to compete with China the US must replicate its surveillance technocracy. This is ironic, as China is a Western social engineering project and often surveillance technology is tested on the Chinese before being deployed in the West. But I digress, authoritarianism does not guarantee a more well-run government, a safer society, or workers leading a more dignified life. What it does guarantee, is a repressive society where individual freedoms are eliminated and the possibility for change is almost nonexistent. That's why the US is "stuck" in a corrupt political duopoly. It's not because it's too democratic, but because it's actually too authoritarian. The Oligarchs/entrepreneurs are protected by the security state who have compromised every politician. These ghouls don't practice capitalism they deploy gangsterism. Clearly, it's not authoritarianism which will enhance lives as it's designed to protect power.

Don't be fooled by clean streets and a bullet train. If the ghouls wanted to end homelessness and to rebuild the US infrastructure it would happen overnight. They want you to believe such changes can only happen under even greater authoritarianism.

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Grants concession that morality is subjective kind of renders his whole argument useless. If morality is subjective that on what grounds should the needs of the people trump those of the managers and renters? If morality is subjective than why is it wrong to engage in hypocrisy? When you concede that morality has no ontological value than there is no more that we "ought" to do for abstract reasons like "justice" or "liberty". There is only concrete self interest and there is absolute no way to quantify how the masses interest trump those of the managers. Can you prove how a million fairly content peasants and a hundred indifferent managers is better than a million unhappy peasants and a hundred very, very happy managers?

Authority is itself an abstract concept and the relevant question is what is rightful authority? Does "rightful" authority derive from managers and renters or the peasants? A little bit of both? From the sword? From God? Personally I think its a little bit from the sword and a lot from God. That is rightful authority is hierarchical, its not democratic and it doesn't derive from either the people or the renters. When it comes to how to manage the nation acting like the peasants need to pretend to care about political systems and ideologies is like saying women need to pretend they want to be Army Rangers, bank executives and firemen.

I know Rolos thoughts on the OT but the King/Emperor/Tsar/Furher/whoever ought to be the head of the nation just like Adam was supposed to be the head of a family. When Adam surrendered some of his God given authority to a woman and a talking snake it all went to shit.

Republicanism and Democracy are just Satanic full stop and anyone promoting them is going to hell.

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Rolo, the obvious criticism to your thesis, which has been made for a very long time, is that a King is good, in fact the best ... if you have a good King. But, if you have a King who is evil or insane, you may not be able to be rid of him for decades. Sometimes it really seems that democracy has only one purpose, to let the people get rid of really bad leaders, and that is all. Unfortunately, I'm now thinking that power has faded to a very low level. Trump would never have been elected at all, if the establishment (old word, but really the same as 'deep state'), had believed there was any chance it could happen.

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-2.00: "When I think of ingroup and outgroup, I just don't think it falls along race and ethnic lines, but on the lines of people who have within them the capacity for cooperation and who that comes easily to" MILQUETOAST! MILQUETOAST!

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I brought up your name in the comment section at the Simplicius substack. Somebody else posted that you've also gone by the aliases of Vincent Law and Roy Batty. You don't sound the least bit Slavic. Am I the last to know?

About Simplicius, I pointed out that he's been headlining his posts with predictions of an imminent Russian offensive which was supposed to happen in February. He slithered off by saying that it didn't happen because of an early mud season, and pointed to fine print in his earlier articles where he hedged his bets.

He's still predicting a summer offensive, unless there isn't one. Which, he admits, is really very likely.

HIs main point is that Russia is grinding forward all along the front, however slowly. In that sense, they're winning the war and they're performing acceptably well. It seems to me that you're living on the same planet as the 5D bloggers, after all.

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