This is a really fantastic post and my favorite that I've read of yours.

As Thomas Ligotti argued in "The Conspiracy Against the Human Race", “If truth is what you seek, then the examined life will only take you on a long ride to the limits of solitude and leave you by the side of the road with your truth and nothing else.”

And as Donald Hoffman argues in "The Case Against Reality: Why Evolution Hid the Truth from Our Eyes”, humans are evolved to maximize biological fitness, i.e. their reproductive abilities, which has very little to do with the pursuit of truth; indeed, focusing on truth as an end goal likely lowers reproductive fitness.

It's clear this world is controlled by the Demiurge, and that the God of light is either nonexistent or watching passively and unmovingly from afar. History is just one event after another of evil winning with their lies and then rewriting history for the next generation of gullible NPC cows to imbibe as truth. It's very depressing.

The following is a partial list of modern-era western dissidents who pursued truth who died under questionable circumstances. The CIA likely murdered Michael Hastings, who was about to run a negative media story on CIA Director John Brennan and highlight governmental spying criminality, by hacking his car and ramming it at high speed into a wall; General Patton died in a suspicious “car accident” for being publicly anti-communist (although prominent anti-globalist general George Van Horn Moseley was left alone given he had retired, but his reputation was smeared); brilliant establishment critic Professor Angelo Codevilla died suspiciously in 2021; Andrew Breitbart, who ran the popular anti-governmental website Breitbart and dropped dead of a "heart attack” at 43 (the CIA is on record that they utilize heart attack guns to kill people with heart attacks leaving no trace, what are the odds a prominent government critic dropped dead from a heart attack at 43? And then his coroner was murdered under “suspicious circumstances” two months later); whistleblower Seth Rich; Jeffrey Epstein (to keep him from talking about his CIA/Mossad handlers and all the powerful men he blackmailed); governor Brian Kemp’s daughter’s boyfriend was possibly blown up as a warning to keep Kemp from conducting a 2020 Georgia audit; Hillary Clinton has a list of dead associates under mysterious circumstances a mile long, and she publicly questioned whether the U.S. could drone strike Julian Assange. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead with a pillow over his face. Republican Senator Ted Stevens’s plane went down in an official “accident” after forcing him out of office on trumped up charges; the establishment potentially conspired with the Soviets to murder the head of the John Birch Society, Dr. Lawrence Patton McDonald, by downing Korean Air Lines Flight 007 in 1983. Congressman Jim Traficante, controversial for being a Democrat who regularly voted with Republicans, died under questionable circumstances. Prominent Federal Reserve critic Congressman Louis T. McFadden was likely poisoned. The list goes on and on. (On the flip side, even though the establishment potentially didn’t murder nationalist Shinzo Abe of Japan in 2022, the government apologized to the assassin and pressured Shinzo’s nationalist religious organization, an unprecedented and disgusting act.)

 Another likely establishment murder was the assassination of James Forrestal in 1949.

It seems increasingly likely that globohomo will ruin every aspect of the world, and then the Demiurge will break its deal giving power to these sociopathic rulers and ruin them as well, spelling the end of humanity.

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Because humans are not of this world. Satan rules the earth. The peoples fear of dying keeps them in chains. Which means the people have doubts about their god, they wish to remain on this earth. So the cycle continues....

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Interesting blog posts you got here. Very informative on the dark times my fellow Slavs are going through.

Incidentally, I heard a comparison about the American Civil War that also fit right with what you're talking about (I think it's from James MacPherson's book): Lincoln was in it to win, while the South just wanted to be proven right. It really is the same situation all over again, but with that "it can't happen here" mentality that some boneheads still possess.

In any case, putting aside all the social media retardation, it's too much to hope that Americans will want a system other than the only one they've known for the simple reason that they know no other. (the Slavs, in contrast, have experienced all three, including even the Sorbs of Lusatia) Only the American leftists have an alternative, which is basically Communism. Only a national divorce would save the 1776 project at this point, but at great cost to America and its global influence. They may not resolve the issues that led to the collapse, but it would buy conservative America time. Nobody would invade them - except for Woke America perhaps - because the other global powers would focus on re-consolidating their regional influence.

A lot of food for thought to chew on, but I'll keep it short for now. Great articles, I'll be sure to read more.

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I love your pessimistic, angry rant. Tell it, brother, tell it!

Screw these esoteric Christians w/ their sectarian scriptural apologia - Jesus, the high priest of YWHW! Judeans v Israelites! Samaritans v Hebrews! Melchizedek v Moses! Just jettison that rotting carcass of lies, distortions, horror and bluster known as the OT and treat the NT as radioactive bait, an invitation to a kinder, gentler version of the JWO.

Our point of departure on the road to Gnostic enlightenment is marked by differing interpretations of the demiurge aka Ialdaboath, Lord of the Archons aka YWHW, adopted God of the Jews. My branch says he was pretending to be all powerful. He didn't create humanity or Mother Earth. Hence the material plane is not intrinsically evil, not a matrix of imprisonment.

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I think Putin is actually part of the cabal, but regardless I agree with you on the madness of seeking "moral" solutions and escaping in religious fantasies. Predictably, the current epochal crisis has many reverting to Christian fundamentalism, as if the sand god had ever helped during the Crusades, the revolutions, or the world wars. Unfortunately to confront the situation with some semblance of effectiveness it would require both clarity of thought and courage, and the vast majority possesses neither.

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There is a myth that YHWH was first with the Jews. The enemies of the Jews, the Samaritans, revered YHWH. Samaritans get their name from the capital of the northern Kingdom of Israel. The Jews are of Judah. The story of the Good Samaritan was about the disagreement between the Jews and Samaritans. Christ took the side of the Samaritans. Matthew 15 said Christ was sent to “the House of Israel” not the House of the Jews. The Jews were quite angry at Christ for taking the side of the Samaritans against the Jews. People that call YHWH the "Jewish God" are playing into the Jews hands. Palestinians are largely descended from Samaritans, making the Palestinians the rightful owners of the land of Israel.

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Dont disagree with any of your analysis of the general state of affairs here but IMO you have a tendency to conflate morals and pearl clutching. You are correct that morality is a tool but an enemies ability to use your tools against you doesn't say anything about the tool as it does about you. Those who say its better to be killed with their own tools than to refuse to let the enemy use said tools are pearl clutching and LARPing. It could even be called idolatry in that said individuals are worshiping a tool and not the craftsman.

Again Rolo has no time for the OT but God even says in the OT that Israels sacrifices leave a foul stench and he will do away with them. Christ in the NT is constantly pointing out to the Pharisees that haggling over who is observing laws the most diligently or in other words who is the most moral is idolatry.

Morals, laws, etc are all tools given to men. Men were not created to follow laws the laws are just meant to aid men.

Rolo describes himself as a metaphysical pessimist in the comments here and that's actually what gnosticism amounts to. I personally just cant understand the conclusions Rolo and gnostics in general draw from that. Isnt burning the world to the ground and ending this material realm in its entirety more pragmatic than some esoteric/ascetic struggle to escape to some other plain of existence? That sounds LARPy and ridiculous but is it any more LARPY and ridiculous than Western dissidents trying to create ethnostates? Like Corporal Hicks said nukeing the bitch from orbite is the only way to be sure.

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This ones gonna have spicy comments. I rub my hands in anticipation.

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Two key points about Putin:

(1) He was the hand-picked successor of the loathsome Western-favorite thief and drunkard, Boris Yeltsin.

(2) The weight of circumstantial evidence indicates that Putin was the true instigator of a series of false-flag attacks on Russian citizens (the "Apartment Bombings" of 1999) which were cynically blamed on "Islamic terrorists". Putin then achieved popular acclaim by portraying himself as a "tough guy" who would protect the citizens.

This was Russia's 9/11 moment, aligning Russia with the USA in supporting Israel's Middle East agenda.

After reviewing this evidence, Iain Davis (iaindavis.com/putins-false-flag) concludes:

"Putin had the motive, means and opportunity to order elements within the FSB to carry out the Russian apartment bombings. He then benefited politically from the cold-blooded murder of more than 300 Russian men, women and children. While some may hope for a leader to stand against the emerging globalist order, Putin isn’t worthy of anyone’s trust."

And don't even get me started about Trump, or Chabad Lubavich.

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This is why I stopped being a paid member , I don`t give a flying fuck about what Strelkov or the head of " Wagner " thinks . We are in such a shit state in the "West " ( I am in the UK ) some of us see in Russia a glimmer of hope for a future free of NATO /US/ EU crap we are living under . Putin has been good for Russia on the whole but of course nobody is perfect but be careful what you wish for as regards future leaders.

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Perhaps there is nothing left for anyone to win. The planet is reversing gears biologically and there is no place to hide.

I had the thought these blood suckers have to have a source, but now even the blood is tainted, so what's in it for them? Greater Isreal? Nearly all the soil/land they want has been poisoned.

New world order is a joke as this effort requires more resources that are available. Just wait them out could be a workable plan.

Besides, its not Israel, that is ruse, or they stole the ideas of the one true god maybe works, its actually Sumerian. Older than Isreal. The point is its the idea of a new world order with own nothing and be happy have many supporters, its not an ethnic or religious cause. Maybe genetic in the sense psychologically.

No, I'm not going to use an old ruse to stir hatred in the people to act, yes, one way forward is for the assassins to act. The choice is clear, die a screaming death in a hospital bed as an experiment or die right.

It'll be interesting to find out who is left that would fight for trump. He didn't fool me the first or second time, he surely won't fool me the third time. But its all good, the people who need to be in a hierarchal formation are not the type of people needed.

And Putin didn't fool me either.

The fight will become an anti-hierarchal movement in my view.

But I don't know what will happen, even human extinction is on the table. Its all about the odds.

Also interesting you have the ability to publish these ideas. Ha!

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"Both became enemies of the main branch of the you-know-who-ish mafia and tried to cozy up to Chabad instead. Both men married their daughters off to the tribe to try to get on the inside track. Both relied on the populist support of the masses and then repaid the trust be staffing their respective administrations with absolute cretins who appear to personally hate them, and their respective supporter base of patriotic peasants. Both men have also demonstrated an unwillingness to address the willful sabotage of their own agenda and their presidency. " Brilliant summary.

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People criticize Elvira Nabiullina, but Christine Lagarde was secretly recorded by Vovan and Lexus saying she is very capable and it was her skills that saved the ruble. Christine Lagarde knew Nabiullina personally over the years. Lagarde truly believes she is trying to help Russia, that should be enough proof that Nabiullina is NOT some type of a traitor.

I would say, though, that she and other Putin appointees are likely less willing to risk their positions than Sergey Glazyev. I also agree that Putin needs to start replacing the mediocre like Lincoln did. Lincoln turned the Civil War around by replacing timid generals like McClellan with men like Grant and Sherman.

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Both men married their daughters off, do you have a source for the russia part, I could not find any good information on that matter? I found the name of both guys that married putin daughters but no further information , thx !

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The original, or ancient concepts of Good and Evil were very different than today's. Someone or something is invading your land, setting fire to everything and everyone, poisoning wells, raping daughters, wives, mothers and killing everything that moves from livestock to human beings. It seems unstoppable. Death and defeat are inevitable. Someone, somehow, appears and manages, at whatever expense, up to and including and far exceeding immense cruelties previously inconceivable ... to drive back, overcome and defeat this seemingly unconquerable, murderously genocidal enemy. That someone ... Despite everything ... Is Good. End of story.

Compare that with tranny-fag-ex-drug addict library readings to little kids 5 days a week or else the governor closes your bank account. That governor is "good" in the Disneyland of the West.

Mary Gu - Disney:


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To cheer you up, Blinken was talking a short while ago, and it was utter, ridiculous nonsense and very insulting to China. So, however screwed up you may think Russia's leadership may be, we are far, far worse off. Count on us, we will give you victory in the end.

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