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"and then still not being able to notice the gigantic hook-nosed, chicken-whirling, money-lending gorilla pummeling a Palestinian child to death right in front of you"

I still find it baffling that the majority of westerners is either unwilling or unable to entertain the possibility that the small hat people have a negative influence on society and international politics. It's not like the examples are hard to find.

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An interesting piece, Rolo. You have been far more accurate than any of the SMO commentators. Prigozhin and Strelkov are rarely mentioned by the 5D'ers except to usually dismiss them. I have yet to see any 5D'er link to an actual in-theater source but somehow they're the truth-tellers. God forbid if you try to inject any kind of logic or question the Narrative. The downvotes come fast and furious. The coming double down will be quite the exercise in pretzel logic.

Russia refuses to embrace identity. From where I'm sitting, Russia's elite want to be part of the Big Gay Club too and they'll sacrifice however many people to get their membership. Riley has been hammering home that Russia is rolling right along with the techno-tyranny and basically paying lip service to Christianity and family values.

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Its a whole host of intertwined problems with the peasants imo. Im going to be that guy and say "not every peasant is just genuinely stupid". I have family in the US that are really competent and intelligent but unfortunately within very narrow parameters. Like they could rig you a comfy shelter in the middle of nowhere from nothing more than some random sticks, tree branches, dirt and trash. They could build you a decent quality new deck like its second nature or fix your broken down car with no fuss. But for whatever reason they have no ability to think outside the box when it comes to political binaries and metaphysics might as well not exist for them. Personally I outright envy their practical hands on intelligence because running a welder for example isn't something that comes natural for me but I dont understand how intelligence in one sphere can come so effortlessly for someone but than something that ought to be easier, like basic pattern recognition or just thinking over an abstract logical concept is beyond their ability.

I guess its just a matter of being throughly propagandized from birth and the ethnic psycho paths shadow play on the cave wall. I mean for me seeing through the charade isnt hard at all but I definitely wouldn't be a team leader on a job site building a nuclear power plant or something like that. The phenomena of someone being adequately intelligent in one aspect and dumb as hell is something I find particularly strange.

When it comes to the 5D types who sell broke ass narratives like slimy used car salesmen sell broke ass merchandise its another matter all together. The peasant typically never expresses any particular interest in politics, other countries, metaphysics etc. In his own narrow field of interest he typically is knowledgeable enough. Taking his advice in regards to catching trout or doing dry wall is safe enough.

The greasy 5D narrative hucker on the other hand presents himself as a genuine expert on Russia yet nothing he predicts ever happens. This is supposed to be his thing, his narrow speciality but he has been wrong every time. This cant be explained by anything other than stupidity or just being a slimy weasel.

There is absolutely no grounds whatsoever to assume that Russia is being proactive in any way. When it comes to the war in general all we have seen is purely reactive behaviour from Moscow. Assuming that Moscow is preparing to deal with a Ukrainian counter offensive before that offensive happens and the damage is done is like saying Janet Yellen or whatever the head yenta at the Federal Reserves name is is actually trying to formulate financial policy with the aim of helping the middle class.

Whatever is going on at the front doesnt matter to anyone in Moscow that matters. They arent about that anymore than officials in Washington are about pro actively helping out normal Americans. Being pro active in regards to strengthening the front requires sinking resources into the front right now. That's not something Kremlinites would ever do. They will do the absolute bare minimum to head off a catastrophe in motion, maybe. But they wont ever proactively head off a catastrophe if it means sinking resources into something with no immediate advantage or prophet.

Thats how the war has played out consistently as per the Kremlins M.O. Every time. That's just elementary pattern recognition that anyone who is genuinely interested in this topic cant miss.

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Russia needs to get serious about this war and no longer treat it as an SMO.

If it is existential, then a war is necessary. If it is not, well, then it was just an adventure anyway.

I kind-a feel that this coming offensive will be deciding. At least from the western perspective. If it fails, then the west will probably be too exhausted to keep investing in it. If it succeeds, they will double down yet again and probably get the Polish into the fray as well. At least then they get to use all of their NATO toys.

Having said that, the US does seem to want to pivot to China...

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Hi Rolo, I'm not familiar with the forum you referenced, but I'm not surprised you got quickly squelched on it. The sad reality is that every forum on the internet is heavily moderated, or else it is shut down (such as Anglin's forum). There is only one exception on the internet that I know of:

www.autoadmit.com or www.xoxohth.com (it's the same site)

It looks like one of your posts was briefly discussed: http://xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=5302366&mc=6&forum_id=2

It's a forum of aging embittered American lawyers, but it's mostly political arguments at this point. There is absolutely zero censorship other than the one rule (no outing). Some people love the format, others hate it, but it has the highest average IQ for members out of anywhere on the internets.

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Rolo, you hit the nail on the head with your comment about circumcision. Many think that being circumcised makes men neurotic, even psychotic, as it prevents sex from being as nature intended. Jews have been commanded to do it for thousands of years. Who knows what damage it has wrought thru the centuries to the minds of the circumcised? The most warlike men on earth are Jews, Muslims, and Americans. What they have in common is that nearly all of the first two groups, as well as most the third group, have been sexually mutilated.

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"You are always right until you are wrong" is a favourite quote, can't remember where from.

I do love reading this site even if I disagree with much of the setiment, there is always something new to discover or a unique nugget of info.

However the general sentiment...by far the least appealing aspect is the tendency of some folks to bestow themselves as enlightened ones, elevated above the herd. They believe they are truly superior in their ability to see and tell truths. Convinced they are endowed with a rational and logical special ability to analyse and determine facts. Which is fab. There is nothing inherently bad about self aggrandizement, if it builds self confidence all the better. The problem is, for all the purported enlightenment, analytical superiority and truthtelling, there's also a lot of petty scorekeeping and ridicule of those thought of as `in the herd' and still trapped by their illogical hope and irrational blind faith. I mean generally, geniuses or enlightened truthtellers are too focused on their area of expertise to be pointing and laughing at the relative stupidity of the plebians, or the peasants as commonly referred to here. It is quite funny to see, although I predict soon irritating.

And then there is the general sentiment that Russia is losing and doomed. As a relative newcomer, maybe I missed a bunch of crucial reads that provide important context to the Russia is losing and doomed theme. Don't get me wrong, I'm open minded and willing to be convinced by good arguments, however as I say, I'm just not seeing it this way.

I've written here before and will write again - Prighozin is psy war operative, highly skilled in the art of kayfabe. Why anyone with discernment would believe what he says at face value, I just don't understand. Everything that guy says is calculated to push buttons in Washington, at NATO HQ and in the US, UK and EU political system. Much of Prighozin's antics are designed to goad the same people into stupidly committing resources into dead end operations in order to try and bloody his nose, take him down a peg or two or make him get back in his box. The rest of Prighozin's antics are to convince the same players Russian high command is divided, arguing, engaged in petty jealousies and that the Russian regular forces are on the verge of collapse.

Regardless of what happened or what people think happened up to now. Russia is well supported and has military supply chains with China and Iran that will pump out advance weaponry many times faster than the west can prop up Ukraine with its weapons.

BTW one thing Russia has been very successful at is escaltion management. It is likely this more than anything else that is misunderstood and interpreted as weakness, failure or lack of planning. It is obvious and prudent that Russia not appear too successful too quickly in Ukraine. The fact is, there are factions in the US, EU, UK and NATO that are desperate to get fully involved in a shooting war with Russia. The reason these factions have not won their argument politically is that Russia has not reacted to their many and various provocations by escalating the conflict to any degree. That would change in an instant if Russia began heavily exploiting a breakthrough and was advancing many kilometers each day in a big arrow operation. The extreme factions would create maximum fear and panic until they'd managed to win support to escalate military involvement, say a NATO/Polish advance to occupy western Ukraine and `right to protect' NATO aircover. The result would be direct confrontation in the air and likely a long range missile/AD standoff. Is it not obvious that what Russia is doing, the slow and steady Schildkrötekreig is the best and safest option?

It continues to be a slow grind, a slow motion version of the blitzkreig everyone wanted. It is painfully slow, but you can see the arrows moving to surround or threaten to cut off multiple Ukrainian fortified towns. The psy war then tries to goad the decision makers to keep reinforcing threatened positions, rinse and repeat bakhmut version 2.0 or 3.0.

Besides, what's the hurry? Russia has a massive artillery advantage and they can just continue to rain the pain down on to the frontline Ukrainian trenches, mop up the survivors and start again on the next line. This is where the kill ratio is real. How on earth can it not be real? Over and over you can see the results, smashed defensive fortifications dead Ukrainians everywhere and Russian forces sweeping through to mop up what remains...

Don't get me wrong, as I said I love reading the site here. I'm just not a fan of some folks hubris and belittling of others and I'm not seeing the Russia is losing and doomed thing. But I'm open minded and I guess lets wait for that Ukrainian offensive. That's if the assembly areas and forward supply dumps aren't discovered and pounded before z hour...

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I am farting really loud

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You wrote : "In this world, those with the most power win. ...Then, once the powerful have won, they will also magically become the most moral."

I agree with that fully.

What I have difficulties to understand/believe is that Putin do not know who is really in charge. Why to have started the war in the first place if he knows that he will not be allowed to win it?

What I believe is that "power" at the end of the day doesnt necessarily belong to the one who got the most money but to the one who got the guns and is ready to use them. Russia got the big guns (nuclear and hypersonics) and is able to keep the US in check. In the other hand, they have also the army and the police ( men with guns ) in Russia. Why Putin did not decide to "purge" the ethnic liberals, Thaksin style? Its like if he refuses to think outside the box. When you control the "men with the guns" you have the power so why to continue to think that the ones with power are the one with "money"?

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"One reason the mood has shifted in the West is it is impossible to hide the reality on the battlefield much longer. Reliable estimates say the Ukrainians have lost 200,000 soldiers in the last year. That is killed in action. An equal number have been wounded, with the majority unable to return to service. On the Russian side, the death toll is much lower, around 20,000, with two or three times that wounded. This disparity means it is a matter of time before the Ukrainians crack.

There is also the fact that there is no way for the West to change the numbers of this war with methods or tactics. The West committed Ukraine to a style of fighting that cannot now be abandoned in favor of a new approach. They are throwing all available resources into defending every inch of turf. The trouble is, the West is running low on weapons and ammunition. An army that is low on men and material is an army headed for defeat, under any conditions.

Of course, what we are seeing is a change in the narrative. The old narrative was based on the Russians running out of men and material and the heroic Ukrainians, armed with weapons from their morally superior backers in the West, would go on the great counter offensive and drive the Russians from the Donbas. That has been the story for a year, but now that story is inoperative. "

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The "good guys win wars" theory is not fair to Martyanov, who writes entire books extolling the virtues of Russian military equipment and their technological advantages over Western gold plated boat anchors.

I predict that if Russia loses part or all of the Donbas, the 5D bloggers will be fine with it. They'll explain that it was a strategic pull-back to save Russian lives.

But, I also predict that Russia is not going to lose Crimea. I think they will send every American aircraft carrier to the bottom of the ocean, bomb every major city in Europe and then go nuclear if necessary, before they let NATO take that back.

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Ziggerbros... not like this

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Rolo, constructive criticism, that word is "anyway": there is no such word as "anyways" as in "Anyways, my attempt to discuss the war went nowhere over there either" and many more places. Your English is better than 99% of the average Americans with whom I converse daily, but this mistake annoys me. I am a proofreader and was a technical writer for twenty years and am now a welder and mechanic, no offense intended.

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I have been shaking my head since the start of the not-war.

Is it just me, or are other observers noticing almost scripted scenarios?

In general, Russia is in the very same position Germany was in with Hitler taking over power.

You have ethnic Russian territories that got overnight suddenly say Ukrainian, and the ethnic Russians got terrorized there. Judea hasn't formally declared war yet on Russia, but same pattern as with East Prussia, Sudetenland etc etc. I could argue, the Minsk agreements are similar to the Munich agreements, not worth the paper.

If Ukraine manage to disconnect Crimea from Russia, Russia will be again in the German position, kind of like East Prussia after Versailles, with the current status being the "corridor" solution. That said, half of East Prussia is still administered by Russia, but disconnected.

My view is, this is what "NATO" wants, the conditions are probably created for a land swap, undo Stalin? Romania already eye lost territory in western Ukraine, so does Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, and thus some German factions, who need the Poles to move home to sign peace. The Poles to this day defame the Silesians as "German agents", Chutzpah, they are technically still German.

I would point out, that the borders of Germany defined by the allied powers is 31.12.1937, which is differs from a true German evaluation that is even bigger territory to return.

I could go on and on and point out insane parallels, which some forces behind the curtain engineer.

If NATO, ie US managed to take Kaliningrad, Königsberg, they would have fully occupied entire Germany, and thus could intend to be sole negotiator for peace, because Russia lost its last card in this game. Nothing to bargain left.

Official US vassals in Berlin fear any peace regulation, and they have been contractually prohibited to sign any peace treaty or peace negotiations in an additional "2+4" Paris protocol in 1990.

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Both Russia and Ukraine are being ruled by the Khazarian mafia and the Chabad Lubavitch, the head of the Illuminati serpent, and Khazarian mobsters like Abramovitch have decided that Russians and Ukrainians will exterminate each other in order to create the new Khazaria or a second fake Israel. of the Khazars. The Russians should take Moscow which is in the hands of globalist traitors and the Ukrainians should take kyiv and stop killing each other

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Given how Russia has been in the war, building up industry, etc its rather ironic that you speak so poorly of the USSR. For all its faults, Soviet elites were mostly not interested in joining the Gay Western Parade and were more effective than modern Russia in essentially every measure that matters. For example, how many Generals got punished for the fuckups in the first year of the war? None. In fact they got promoted. This would be impossible I’m the USSR. Indeed, in the 1980s some guy landed his plane on red square and Soviet AA defended had missed him. This prompted an investigation and the heads of 200 military officers to roll as well as the firing of Soviet Minister of Defense at the time.

In short, Russia will be limited as long as it follows capitalism and follows the Constitution that the US wrote for it which says that “Russia shall not have an ideology”

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